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Tasks in the construction and landscaping businesses are often very diverse, and the equipment needs to be adaptable for various purposes. Mobility in particular, is a must when working on construction sites.

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In the construction business, whether you are looking for a compressor or high pressure cleaning, the most important issue is often the operational practicalities. The majority of your work is at construction sites, of different sizes and layout, and at customer sites. This means that you need to consider power supply and requirements, mobility and external elements, such as weather.

As a general rule, the compressor needs to be adjusted to the connection that requires the highest working pressure. Air tools, like grinders, cutters and nail guns, typically need 5-7 bar. Therefore, you will need a compressor that can produce a pressure of at least 8 bar, to compensate for any pressure drop in the installation. The actual working pressure can vary depending on how you are using the tools, and you should always research this beforehand.

When choosing a high pressure cleaner, you assess your need based on what kind of cleaning you will be doing. Soil and dirt can easily be cleaned off with cold water, while grease and oily residues often need hot water. Demands for pressure and water flow should align with the size of the tasks. Higher water flow will increase the cleaning effect, however an over-dimensioned cleaner is not profitable. Therefore, it is important to consider the type of cleaning tasks you will perform.


General recommendations

We have gathered some general advice and recommendations, while looking for a new compressor or high pressure cleaner.


At construction sites

For smaller tasks on construction sites, the handy trolley models are a very good fit, as they are easy to handle and move around the site. With cast iron cylinder and thermal protection, they are well-suited for working outdoors. If you need compressed air for larger tasks, we recommend the transportable, professional compressors. Their non-puncture wheels are perfect when working on the rough grounds at a construction site.

Man working on roof construction
Man cleaning pavement with high pressure
man working on ceiling with nail gun

In customer homes

If you are performing high pressure cleaning at the customer site, you should always choose a mobile, flexible solution. For landscaping tasks, e.g. cleaning pavement or removing algae, we recommend a mobile cleaner with a pallet tank. For other cleaning tasks, a light mobile cleaner is the optimal choice, as it is easy to move around.

Whenever tasks are performed inside a customer's home, it is important to avoid any nuisance for both the customer and surroundings. For inside tasks, like using a nail gun for installation of a ceiling, we recommend a silent, light compressor, which is easy to transport around without damaging the floor.

Without power supply

Compressed air and high pressure are also needed in situations without access to a power supply. Hydraulic cleaners and compressors are perfect solutions for service vehicles. These are connected to the oil supply on cranes, lorries, etc. and provide easy access to compressed air/high pressure on the move. If you need even higher mobility, we recommend a petrol driven cleaner or compressor. Sizes range from small semi-professional models to large industrial machinery.

Crane truck driving on the road

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