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Industrial applications

Compressed air is an integrated part of most industrial companies and are used across a wide range of production lines. Common for all industries are the need for reliable solutions to reduce risk of breakdowns in production.

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Reliable air supply

Avoid expensive breakdowns in your production with a high-quality compressor.

Minimum maintenance

All products require very little maintenance, so you can focus on your own business.

Low operational costs

A properly dimensioned solution will keep operational costs at a minimum.

What solution do you need?

There are endless possibilities for compressed air applications in industrial companies. This makes choosing a compressor solution very complicated and requires a good understanding of your company's processes.

First thing to consider is the amount of air needed for your operation. The bigger operation, the bigger compressor. Also, the actual tasks you are performing effects the air demand. Small power tools generally require less air flow than large robotic machinery.

Secondly, it is important to consider special requirements for the air you bring into your manufacturing processes. In food industries the air must be 100% clean of any contamination, while other industries can better tolerate some residues.

Finally, the production premise must weigh into the decision. If you don't have a separate compressor room, and people working close-by, the noise level should be as low as possible. Contrary, if you have a dedicated room for the compressor, noise isn't a big issue.

General recommendations

Below is some of our general recommendations for different types of industrial purposes. You can always contact us for specific recommendations for your company.


Food production line

Food industry

For production companies working with food and beverages, it is critical that the compressed air is free of any oil residue and other contaminations. In this business you should always choose an oil-free compressor.

For smaller companies we recommend a scroll compressor, where you will benefit from the silent and vibration-free operation. If you require a larger air flow, an oil-free screw compressor will better fit your needs. Both compressor technologies are highly efficient and reliable, with minimum maintenance costs.

Wood industry

In the wood industry, compressed air is mostly used for supplying pneumatic tools, clamping, stamping, and so on. Both lubricated and oil-free compressors are suitable for these tasks, depending on the company's preferences.

If you are a small furniture company, you may only require a smaller amount of compressed air, from time to time, and a piston compressor will suffice for your needs. Larger companies will more likely need a screw compressor, as this can provide continuous air flow throughout the day.

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General industry

In other production facilities, such as metal, plastics and fishing, compressed air is often used for sorting, clamping, stamping and powering pneumatic tools.

Common for all industries when choosing a compressed air system, is determining how much air you need at any point of the day. Most manufacturing companies will need continuous access to compressed air, which requires a screw compressor. The fixed-speed compressor is suitable for a steady operational level, while variable-speed is more energy-efficient for companies with several shifts and varying operation.

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