CleanAIR oil-free industry compressors

High quality compressed air, ideal for industries in need of clean air for critical productions, like food, chemical and electronics.

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100% Oil free air

CleanAIR compressors ensure you completely clean, un-contaminated compressed air.

Reliable operation

Compressors developed for industrial use, and built with the best components available.

Energy savings

Start-stop technology eliminates unnecessary energy consumption during the unload cycle.


The CleanAIR Industry range is developed for critical industries. Models are available with 5.5 or 7.5 HP motor, suitable for a wide range of purposes. With its innovative oil-free technology and internal cooling fan system, the CNR range offer 100% duty cycle for uninterrupted service.


Basemounted or tankmounted?

All CNR compressors are available as basemounted, or tankmounted with either a 270 or 500 L air receiver. The need for a vessel depends on the stability in air flow, and the ideal size depends on the amount of air needed during peaks in production.


Innovative control unit

CNR compressors are equipped with an advanced Infologic controller, monitoring various setpoints and service cycles. It also offers integrated energy savings settings and remote control.

CleanAIR CNR oil free industry compressor

CNR 75 - 100

CNR is CleanAIR's bigger line of oil free compressors. They can be used in large dental clinics or for different industrial purposes, like food, electronics and chemicals.

The compressors are available as basemounted or tankmounted on a 270 or 500 L air receiver.




Max. presure


Noise level


Art. no.

  kW HP L/min. bar   dB(A)   Basemounted Tankmounted - 270 L Tankmounted - 500 L

CNR 75

5.5 7.5 660 10 1500 67 400/3/50 8115465687 8115465695 8115465703
CNR 100 7.5 10 930 10 1500 69 400/3/50 8115475439 8115475462 8115475496




CleanAIR CNR oil free compressor


CleanAIR CNR oil free compressor




CNR 75 - 100 Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) kg


1442 808 871 244 - 256

Tankmounted - 270 L

1752 808 1315 319 - 331

Tankmounted - 500 L

1984 808 1457 364 - 376






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