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Automotive applications

Compressed air is vital when working in an auto repair shop. Whether you need to inflate a tire, use an air tool or paint a car, you need the optimal air compressor for the job.

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What solution do you need?

The first thing to consider, when looking for a new compressor, is the amount of compressed air needed. Will the compressor supply one workstation or several; how many does it simultaneously supply; and what is the air supply used for? If the compressor "only" needs to power smaller air tools, the supply need is limited. However, if the compressed air is used for painting facilities, you will need continuous supply.

Next you need to assess the operational circumstances, including the surrounding facility. If the compressor is located close to the working stations, it is necessary to take noise and odour levels into account. Do you need a mobile compressor which can be moved around the workshop or be installed in service vehicles?

Finally, it is also important to consider specific requirements for the air quality. If the air is used in painting facilities, it needs to be free of any contamination, and air treatment with filtering or likewise is necessary.


General recommendations

Here you will find some general recommendations for different types of auto industries. Contact your nearest dealer for advice based on your specific needs.


Small workshop

If you have a small hobby workshop, where you spend your spare time working on cars, your need for compressed air are most likely for air tools. In this case, mobility is often important, as you will need to move the compressor around the work area, without installing a piping system.

We therefore recommend our transportable, single-phased compressors, that require very little space and only a regular power socket. These compressors are easy to use and maintain and is available as either lubricated or oil-free if used for spray painting/varnishing.

The Reno Hose Reel is developed specifically for home workshops, and its compact design makes it an ideal match for this purpose.

Auto repair shop

At most repair shops compressed air is used for multiple purposes, why choosing an all-round model that can supply various air tasks is pivotal. You should here go for a sturdy compressor with a cast iron cylinder, and an air receiver suitable for the number of working stations in your garage.

See also the table below.

Auto repair shop


Motor (kW)

FAD (L/min.) Receiver (L)
1 - 3 (intermittent load) 2.2 - 4 270 - 390 50 - 90
1 - 3 (continuous load) 4 - 5.5 560 - 680 150 - 270
4 - 7 4.5 - 7.5 680 - 1000 270 - 500
8+ 8 - 11 1000 - 1600 500+



Tires outside auto garage

Tire shop

In a tire shop there is often high activity during specific seasons, which requires a compressor that can withstand a high operational load. Here we recommend a professional piston compressor with a large air receiver, designed for industrial purposes.

Car painting facility

When using compressed air for car painting and varnishing, the air must be of the highest quality without contamination.

To achieve dry air, you should always install a refrigerated dryer. This can be installed with both a piston and screw compressor, depending on the size and needs of the facility.

You can also add a filter to clean the air for small particles from the surrounding environment, ensuring a completely clean result.

The Ultimate Filters are an innovative line of filters for compressed air systems.

Service van on the road

Service vehicles

If you need a compressed air solution for your service vehicles, a hydraulic or petrol compressor is a perfect solution. These can be integrated directly into the service vehicles, with or without air receiver, for access to compressed air while on the road. We also recommend a transportable, petrol compressor, if even higher mobility is needed.

High pressure cleaning

When washing and preparing vehicles it is important to have the right cleaning equipment. An efficient high pressure cleaner eases the task and ensures the optimal result.

The two most important parameters to consider, when choosing a high pressure cleaner, is the type of dirt/deposits you face and the quality of cleaning necessary.

High pressure cleaning of car

Automotive industries have a lot of grease and oily deposits, which require a high water temperature to clean properly. We therefore recommend a hot water cleaner to achieve the best result. Furthermore, you need to choose between a stationary and mobile solution. We recommend stationary cleaners, when the cleaning tasks are done regularly at the same location. The advantage with this type of model is the option to combine several pumps, so the system can be used by several users simultaneously. Mobile cleaners are typically used when the tasks vary or where high mobility is needed.

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