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Agricultural applications

Compressed air and high pressure cleaning are important resources for all agricultural purposes. Whether you grow crops or have livestock, you need cleaning of stables and machinery along with compressed air for a wide range of tasks.

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What solution do you need?

Compressed air is an essential part of agriculture and farming. When looking for a compressor solution it is important to consider the specific tasks on your farm. Are you primarily looking to perform small handyman tasks around the farm, a smaller, transportable model are likely the right choice for you. Contrary, a larger compressor is needed if you are looking to incorporate it into a feeding system or milking robot.

If the compressor is used for feeding or milking, the requirement for clean air is high. Depending on your needs you can either choose an oil-free solution or add filtration to a lubricated compressor.


In addition to supplying compressed air, Reno has a long history of developing quality high pressure cleaners. Just like compressors, your next cleaner solution needs to fit the tasks at hand. Are you looking to clean large machinery from dirt and soil, or are you cleaning persistent, oily residues?

General recommendations

We have listed some of our general recommendations when choosing a compressor or high pressure cleaner for agricultural purposes. Contact your local dealer for advice based on your exact needs.


Tractor being fixed in workshop area

All-round tasks

There are always a lot of different tasks around a farm, that requires compressed air. This often includes inflating tires, supplying air tools and prepping irrigation lines for winter. As the tasks are many, and found in various locations on the farm, a mobile, engine-driven compressor is a safe choice. This will ensure access to compressed air at any corner of your farm.

Feeding system

Compressed air is needed for most automatic feeding systems, whether it's at a cattle farm or piggery. Whenever compressed air is used in critical operations, you need a reliable solution with constant access to air supply. In this case an industrial compressor is optimal.

To ensure quality of the fodder, contamination from the compressor should always be minimized. Often air treatment equipment is a cost-efficient solution for this.

Small pigs in piggery
Cows being milked by dairy machine

Milking robot

Milking robots are being used on dairy farms of all sizes. Many of these are pneumatically controlled and rely on compressed air. For this purpose, we recommend using an industrial compressor, that can meet the high demands of air, while maintaining an extremely high reliability in operation.

To avoid any contamination of the milk you should always choose an oil-free compressor. This is the safest way to ensure the cleanest air possible. Alternatively, you can install air treatment equipment to clean the air as much as possible.

High pressure cleaning

Agriculture is especially known for its rugged environment, and the amount of dirt and soil found here, results in a very high demand for efficient cleaning solutions.

A typical agricultural task is cleaning tractors and other farming equipment. As the large machinery is difficult to move around, the high pressure cleaner should be. We recommend a mobile cold water cleaner, which offers high flexibility and efficient cleaning.

There is also a high demand for cleaning inside the sheds, especially when they are used for livestock, pigs or likewise. For this purpose, a stationary solution is well-suited. This will provide sufficient water flow for large, repeated cleaning tasks restricted to a specific area. Depending on the size of the shed, both single- og multiple-user solutions are available.

High pressure cleaning of farming equipment
Farmer cleaning shed

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