Our environment faces big climate challenges. At Reno we want to be a part of the green transition to secure a better future. With a sustainable approach, we obligate ourselves to be environmentally and socially responsible.



Reno is sustainable

By having a sustainable responsibility, Reno plays a part in securing a better future for everyone. We do this by having a long-term perspective, where our mission is to grow sustainably. 

We acknowledge that our long-term succes relies on how we treat ourselves against our colleaques, business partners, the society and the environment. This means, in order to gain long-term succes, Reno must be cost-effecient and grow, while minimizing the environmental impact from our activities and products. 

Together with our customers, we want to be innovative to propel the society. This also means that our employees' well-being and safety have to be attended to. Our employees are the key-element to run an innovative and efficient company that can secure and offer our customers and business partners more sustainable solutions. 


RENO contributes to realise the sustainable development goals

Reno contributes to UN's 17 goals for sustainable development that aims to give prosperity to the environment and people. The sustainable goals encourages global action to end poverty and other social inequalities while managing climate challenges and environmental protection. 

Reno supports all goals for sustainable development, and is directly contributing to 8 of the 17 goals:

Sustainability is part of the everyday working life at Reno

Renos approach to CSR is that sustainability should be a part of working days' activities to achieve our long-term mission. To be able to transform this into a natural part of the week, our culture has to brace it. 

Our culture for diversity and inclusion is a big driving force in our success. At Reno we set high ethical standards in everything we do. We ensure a good working environment, where we are aware of each others well-being and safety. In everything we do - from our work process to the products we offer to our customers - we try to minimize the environmental impact. To be able to grow sustainably, we measure Renos success through the triple bottom-line, i.e. people, environment and growth.