Small changes do the difference for the environment

As an effort to protect the environment our focus at Reno is to use our resources responsibly. The natural resources should be applied on the most efficient and sensible way. We do this by continually reducing our use of water and energy, so that we avoid overuse of our resources. By saving the use of water, turning down the heat or separating waste, we can contribute to reducing the Co2-emissions. 

One of our initiatives is give waste a new lease of life, either through recycling or re-using waste to other products. An initiative like waste separation can ultimately help to protect the environment. 


Waterdrop in hands

As a supplier of compressed air we also have a responsibility to provide more sustainable solution to our customers. This is done by servicing and advising about the provided solutions, so they operate most efficiently. In this way, we contribute to a more responsible consumption and production.