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Service visits

Make sure your equipment is running smoothly, and get a service check-up by one of our expert service technicians.

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What exactly does a service visit from one of our technicians entail? In addition to offering product maintenance and support during breakdowns, we assist you with optimizing your equipment's daily operation.

Our staff is on call 24 hours a day and our service vehicles are equipped with a mobile and computer-controlled stock. Our service technicians are highly trained specialists and they are able to handle most tasks on site.

In case of an emergency, we strive to ensure that our maximum response time is only 2 hours. Additionally, we provide compressed air on lease or loan during emergency cases, projects or building alterations. We also offer electrical devices as ex. screw and piston compressors and oil-free installations incl. compressed air treatment equipment from 1.5 kW - 250 kW – deliverance within 24 hours.

Mandatory service inspections

Air receivers

Air receivers, used in compressed air installations, are included in the term "Pressure Equipment" according to legislation Act no. 100, when the product count is ≥ 1000. The product number is calculated by the following formula: Unloading pressure of the safety valve in bar x volume in liters.


• 8 bar x 125 liters = Product count is 1000, and inspection is   mandatory (control class B) • 12 bar x 83.3 liters = Product count is 999.6, and inspection is not mandatory

Compressed air receivers must be inspected according to the instructions given by the manufacturer.

• be inspected before being put into service • have completed internal and external inspections every 48   months • have completed external inspection every 24 months

The above is carried out by Reno and our accredited partner.


Refrigerated dryers

Refrigerated dryers of more than 1 kg refrigerant (regardless of the type of refrigerant) requires an annual mandatory inspection.

Inspection and maintenance of refrigeration equipment must be performed by a technician, who has received the adequate training within inspection and maintenance of the specific type of installation and refrigerant.

For refrigerated dryers with a charge of more than 2.5 kg refrigerant, the annual mandatory inspection needs to be performed by a certified technician from a certified refrigeration company that meets the standard in DS/EN ISO 9001:2008.


Energy audit - do you need a check-up on your energy consumption?

We would like to help our customers to reduce the energy consumption of their installations - in benefit of both the environment and the customer

Therefore Reno offers to perform an IntelliSurvey (energy measurement) which shows, how the compressed air is produced - and how even small changes in the production can reduce the energy consumption.

We have completed thousands of energy measurements for our customers, and most often the benefits are lower energy bills and efficiency.

In addition, we work with several power supply companies in order to help our customers achieve the maximum energy subsidies. We take care of the entire process - from energy measurement, development of measurement report, application for grants, and completion of the project including a subsequent control measurement.


Breathing air analysis D. 5.1 and Quality control ISO 8573-1

Compressed air is used in virtually all production companies and for many purposes. However, since the compressed air may contain particles, oil, harmful gases, bacteria, molds, etc., it is important to ensure, that the air is clean enough to be used as breathing air. Reno performs quality testing of the compressed air to ensure it doesn't harm the working conditions for your employees.

Additionally, we also offer quality analysis of compressed air for companies with strict requirements for the air quality.

Reno is certified to perform both analysis of breathing air in accordance with the Danish Working Environment’s guideline D.5.1 and quality analysis in accordance with ISO 8573-1. Our equipment is thus approved for this specific purpose and our service technicians are trained to perform these particular types of quality tests. The analysis are performed in cooperation with an authorized analytical laboratory.