Service agreements

Sign a service contract with us to prolong the operational life your system and increase efficiency without unexpected breakdowns.

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As a committed industry partner, Reno offers service agreements with our customers, to assist you with your compressed air and high pressure systems, so you can focus on your own business.

When signing a service agreement with Reno you prolong the operational life of your machine. Our wide network of highly skilled service technician will provide quick and efficient service, to ensure that your machine system is always up to date, and the risk of breakdown is minimal.

We offer a number of different service agreements, each with different pricing, plans and time intervals, in order to preserve necessary flexibility while still supporting our customers in their desire for a committed service partner.

For instance, if you always want to know your servicing expenses, we can offer fixed price servicing. If you prefer payment by the exact time spent, we can also offer you an hourly servicing rate. You make the choice!

Additionally, when you buy a compressor from us, we offer you the option of a comprehensive five-year service agreement with corresponding extension of the warranty period. This is our loyalty guarantee, called Scope-XT. Contact us to learn more.

No matter what option you choose, our written service contract will ensure full clarity and reassurance in relation to the agreement entered into.