How does a screw compressor work?

One type of compressor is the screw compressor. A screw compressor compresses the air by moving two oppositely rotating screws inside the cabinet. Screw compressors are very popular in many different industries.


How does a screw compressor work?

Screw compressors create compressed air by air entering through the inlet valve and being trapped by the two oppositely rotating screws. The circular movement of the screws reduces the air volume and increases the air pressure. The generated compressed air can be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as for industrial production. 

There are different types of screw compressors. A screw compressor can be oil-injected or oil-free and is available with either fixed or variable speed

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The advantages of a screw compressor

One advantage of using a screw compressor is that it is optimized for continuous operation and can withstand high load rates of up to 100%.

Another advantage is that the screw compressor generates lower temperatures than other types of compressors. This means that regardless of the load and pressure, the compressor temperature will be kept at a constant. This allows screw compressors to run constantly without overheating, where other compressors must rest to cool down.


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