WisAIR oil-free screw compressors

These high-quality, water injected screw compressors are designed to ensure you premium efficiency and ultimate reliablity.

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100% Oil Free

WisAIR is water injected and completely free of any oil contamination. It's ISO 8573-1 certified clean air.

Top-of-class efficiency

Developed to provide the most energy-efficient compression possible, while maintaining low operational costs.

Ultimate reliability

Reduced rotor load due to soft start-up process, and durable materials ensure high operational reliability at all times.

WIS 20-75 V oil-free compressors

WIS 20-75 V combines the most important user advantages and compressor functionalities, to meet the high requirements from critical industries like food, medical and electronics.


The WIS 20-75 V range offers isothermal compression, with a constant temperature in the compression chamber. Superior air end cooling results in more air flow with lower energy consumption.

Installation costs are kept at a minimum, as there is no need for additional air treatment. In addition, the innovative controller unit is equipped with integrated savings settings, to optimise the energy consumption as much as possible.

Reduce energy costs by 30%

Energy costs represent around 70% of the total costs on your compressor system over a 5-year period. The WisAIR technology will save you up to 30 % of these costs.

WisAIR savings chart




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