Advantages of a screw compressor

There are many types of compressors to choose from, which can make it difficult to find the right professional compressor that is reliable and of high quality for your needs.


One type of compressor that is very popular is the screw compressor.

The screw compressor has several advantages, making it highly suitable for most industrial purposes.

See below table for an overview of many of its advantages.

Reno screw compressors
Advantage Description
Can run continuously A screw compressor is built and optimized for continuous operation and can therefore withstand load rates of up to 100%.
Suitable for harsh conditions A screw compressor can operate in harsh weather conditions. Whether the temperature is high or low, the screw compressor can produce compressed air. 
Very reliable A screw compressor is a very reliable machine because it can withstand high load rates and harsh conditions.
Simple maintenance The continuous operation of the screw compressor and fewer material parts, means that it does not wear as quickly, which can reduce the need for maintenance costs. Regular maintenance may be a legal requirement, but is always recommended, so the compressor can operate for many hours.
Generates lower temperature The screw compressor generates lower temperatures than other types of compressors. This means that regardless of load and pressure, the compressor temperature will be kept at a constant temperature. This allows screw compressors to run constantly without overheating, where other compressors must rest to cool down.
Energy efficient  Screw compressors are more energy efficient than other types of compressors, e.g. piston compressors. When running the same amount of time, they will have been more efficient and therefore have used less energy.
Less condensate The screw compressor's lower operating temperature means that less water/condensate is formed during compression. It reduces the amount of condensate that can end up in your compressor, equipment and end products. The reduced amount of condensate will therefore also be easier to remove.
Silent operation The design of the screw compressor helps to provide a low noise level, and many screw compressors run at very low noise levels compared to other compressor types.

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