FF Industry compressors

Industrial piston compressors for large tasks

Our FF Industry Line is developed through many years, and contains our most sturdy compressors, designed to withstand the harshest environments. The FF range contains industrial compressors from 4 - 15 HP.

The history of FF can be dated back to 1952, where the very firs FF air compressor was produced. Through almost 70 years, FF has evolved to become the preferred compressor in industries such as agriculture.

FF piston compressors are known for their robust design, with a cast iron block and powerful pump. They can supply compressed air for even the most requiring users.

Some models are available with a galvanized air receiver, developed for use in aggressive environments, such as agricultural purposes.

Available from 4 - 15 HP

100% cast iron block

Very sturdy design

In need of a silent our diesel/petrol driven compressor?

We have developed a line of silent piston compressors highly suitable for companies without a separate compressor room. See the Super-Silent range here.

Are you in need of compressed air on the go, without having to worry about power access? EngineAIR is our range of diesel- and petrol driven compressors.


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