Semi-professional piston compressors

Mobile compressors for smaller air tasks

Our smallest piston compressors from 0.5 - 3 HP. All models are transportable and thus ideal for tasks on the road. The semi-professional compressors are designed for users that only require small amounts of compressed air.

All models are designed for high usability and mobility, and well-suited for smaller, versatile tasks.

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Available from 0.5 - 3 HP

Top-class mobility

Only require single-phase power

In need of a more powerful or oil-free compressor?

If you need more horsepowers, take a look at our Professional Light range. Mobile piston compressors up to 5.5 HP.

Avoid the hazzle of oil changes, by choosing an oil-free compressors. See our selection of oil-free piston compressors here.


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