Hot water vs. cold water cleaners

High-pressure cleaners are generally divided into two categories - hot water and cold water cleaners. Hot water cleaners use hot water for cleaning, whereas a cold water cleaner uses cold water.

Knowing the difference between these types of cleaners and their application areas, will make it easier to find the right high pressure cleaner that matches your needs.

Cold water cleaners

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The cold water cleaner is an efficient and reliable solution, that is primarily used for cleaning water-soluble soil and dirt. Cold water cleaners are ideal for many cleaning tasks within industrial or agricultural use. As this type of cleaner uses cold water it’s not able to efficiently clean all types of deposits.

Hot water cleaners

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Hot water cleaners are often used for cleaning grease and oily (mineral/animal) dirt and deposits. The hot water cleaner works on the same principle as a cold water cleaner, except that the water is heated in an integrated oil-fired boiler with a high-pressure heating coil, to a temperature of 40-120 °C, after the water has been pressurized. At these high temperatures, the cleaning ability generally increases due to better solubility. This means that hot water cleaners can be used for more demanding cleaning tasks than cold water cleaners.

Do you have a limited need for hot water?

Is hot water not always necessary for your cleaning tasks? In this case you can choose a cold water cleaner and connect it to a hot water tap. That way, you will have the option of switching between cold and hot water depending on the cleaning task at hand. However, the inlet temperature of the hot water must never exceed 60 °C, as this may damage the cleaner.

Another option, if you need even hotter water, is to connect a hotbox to your cold water cleaner. Here, water is led through the hotbox (oil-fired boiler with high pressure heating coil), which will heat the water to between 40-120 °C.


How do you choose the right type of cleaner?

The choice of cleaner type must reflect the type of dirt/deposit to be cleaned. Hot water cleaners and cold water cleaner are designed to clean different types of dirt. Therefore, a clarification of the application area can help you to select the right type of cleaner, and get you one step closer to find the optimal high-pressure cleaner that matches your needs.


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