How to choose the right high pressure cleaner?

Choosing a high-pressure cleaner, among the large selection available, can be difficult. This guide will help you to clarify your needs, making it easier for you to find the right high-pressure cleaner. 

Choose the right high-pressure cleaner

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To achieve optimal operation from you cleaner, it is critical that the solution is not undersized or oversized. An undersized high-pressure cleaner will not be profitable due to the increased costs for working hours and operation. On the other hand, an oversized cleaner can negatively impact the return on the investment. When choosing a high-pressure cleaner, you should consider the following questions:

What type of cleaning is required?

Depending on the type of dirt/deposit to be cleaned, the choice of cleaning type is crucial.

A high-pressure cleaner’s effectiveness is determined by six parameters.

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To find the type of cleaning for the given dirt/deposit, it is crucial to consider some specific parameters carefully. Considering the right pressure, water flow, temperature, and adding supplements to the water to loosen the dirt, are all important parameters when determining what type of cleaning is required.

Pressure can be either low pressure or high pressure. As the name indicates, a high-pressure cleaner has high pressure, but the pressure level can differ from one cleaner to another. Increasing the pressure increases the ability to loosen the deposit. If you need to remove tough dirt or you want faster cleaning, then a high-pressure cleaner with a higher pressure could be the optimal choice.

Water flow also impacts the cleaning effect and the flushing effect. Higher water flow enables you to clean a larger area in the given time and removes dirt more efficiently. For smaller cleaning tasks you require less water flow, whereas cleaning large areas will often require a high water flow.

High-pressure cleaners are generally divided into cold water cleaners and hot water cleaners. When choosing between these two temperature types, you need to consider the type of dirt.

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In addition to the abovementioned parameters, you need to consider if it will be necessary to add supplements to the water. Can the dirt be removed without cleaning agents or are cleaning agents required and how strong should it be? Here you should consult your local dealer or contact Reno for more information.

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What cleaning quality is required?

The cleaning quality can be categorized into four basic levels:

·  Visually clean
·  Bacteriologically clean
·  Physically clean
·  Chemically clean

Requirements for cleaning quality can differ a lot. In food industries there are often high requirements for the cleaning quality, and visually clean is rarely enough. To ensure food safety, this type of industries will often require an area to be chemically clean. However, when cleaning agricultural machinery or cars, visually clean is often sufficient.

In general, the higher quality requirements you have, a more powerful cleaner is needed, and high water temperature and cleaning agents can be necessary.

Cleaning intensity and magnitude

The high-pressure cleaner must be dimensioned according to the required cleaning intensity and cleaning conditions. Are the cleaning tasks in the same location and how often is the cleaner in use? This affects the choice between a stationary or mobile solution, as well as how powerful a model you will need.

If cleaning tasks are performed in a fixed location, you can choose a stationary solution to avoid loose cables and hoses. However, if you need more flexibility and want to move the cleaner from one location o another, a mobile solution is the right choice for you.


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