What nozzle should I choose

Would you like to have the best possible cleaning effect from your high-pressure cleaner? Then it is important to use the right nozzle. This guide will help you select the nozzle that fit you.

Choose the right nozzle

A nozzle is available in different types and sizes. By finding the right nozzle size first, it is easier to find and select which nozzle type fits the cleaning tasks and matches the high-pressure cleaner.

It is important that the water flow and the pressure match the high-pressure cleaner. The choice of the right nozzle size is based on the pressure and the water flow. Therefore, it is crucial that they agree. A suitable nozzle reduces less water or unnecessary disruptions or recirculation.

The chart below can help you choose the right nozzle. By knowing the pressure and water flow of the high-pressure cleaner, you will be able to read the recommended nozzle size. Once you know the nozzle size, you can easily find what types of nozzles are available for your high-pressure cleaner.

Table of nozzle specifications

Example – find the right nozzle

You have a high-pressure cleaner with a pressure of 160 bar and its water flow is 19 L/min. To find the rigth nozzle for the high-pressure cleaner, find the pressure in the table and find the nearest amount of water. This high-pressure cleaner has a water volume of 19 L/min., but the nearest water flow is 18.7 L/min. This means that the nozzle size 065 is recommended for this high-pressure cleaner.

By knowing the nozzle size, the range of nozzles is minimized. Different types of nozzles in the recommended nozzle size may be available. In order to be able to choose between types, it is important to know the area of application, as a sewer nozzle will not be the right choice for the use of cleaning tiles or other similar cleaning tasks. 

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