What to know about compressed air

Compressed air is air that is compressed and thus forced into a small space. This done to create energy. When air is compressed, the airs molecules moves faster. From this, "kinetic energy" emerges that can stored and released at a later time. 

Generally, you tend to think that compressed air is not an important resource, until you find out how useful and meaningful it is to run our environment.

The attributes of compressed air

Today compressed is as important as electricity, water and gas in modern production. Without compressed air, factories across the world would have to turn the key. However, compressed air is not only applied to production, but almost every industry relies on compressed air to some degree. Compressed air is among other applied as the dentist, amusement parks or car repair shops. 

Compressed air is not something that we just find or freely available. Compressed air has to be generated by compressors. 

Auto tires

Compressors are vital

Compressors comes in all sizes and shapes. There are the small mobile compressors for hobby use or handheld tools. And then there are the big compressors, supplying entire production facilities. 

Compressors are diverse and thus suitable for different applications. Some compressors can perform more air, whereas their air is of lesser quality. Other compressor perform less air, whereas the quality of air is good. At the same time, some compressors are silent and others very energy efficient.  

However, there are to keywords for compressors: efficiency and reliability.

Reliablity is extremely important because compressors are such a big driving force for productions and other applications, meaning it cannot be afforded if they break down. In production they are always in operation. If only an error in one component, parts of the production will be affected. But, if the entire compressor breaks down, the production will completely stop.

Efficiency is essential because compressors use a lot of energy. In fact, about 10% of all energy consumption in the industrial sector is used for compressed air. Because of the compressors big energy demands is a strain to the environment, efficiency is essential, since it makes compressors more environmentally friendly and thus reduces energy costs.

The versatility of compressed air

Dentist tools

As you can see, compressed air is maybe not the first we think of, when it comes to resources. Yet, compressors have become a fundamental part when the dentist gives treatment to a patient, or when the mechanic repairs cars. We can dare to say that we cannot live without compressed air. 

With the many demands there air in different industries, today there is a compressor for every application. Find the compressors that matches your needs here.

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