Compilation of new RENO oil-free range


Mobile, compact and oil-free piston compressors

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RENO's new OF range offers professional users clean, oil-free compressed air like never before. For the first time, we can present oil-free belt-driven piston compressors. With the ranges new innovative pump, there is no longer a need for oil changes and cleaning of greasy condensate from the tank drain - which both prevents damage caused by incorrect use of oil, and gives an environmentally friendly footprint.

Effective and oil-free production

Do you need a clean and oil-free production? With OF-range low maintenance, you achieve faster and more efficient production. Whether it is in the food industry or tasks at waterworks, you will be unhindered by oil filling and changing, which results in a better working environment with 100% oil-free air.

100% oil-free air

Protect your production against oil residue

Cost saving

Avoid maintenance costs required by oil-lubricated compressors

Easy maintenance

No oil change and cleaning of condensate


  • Fast, easy and cost-effective maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Mobile and transportable
  • Available from 2-4 hp
  • Available from 1.5-3 kW
  • Available as single-phase or three-phase


  • Latest generation of oil-free piston compressors
  • Max pressure up to 10 bar
  • Compact and high mobility
  • 2-cylinder and belt-driven
  • Two pressure gauges for container and working pressure

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