Advantages of an oil-free compressor

Oil-free compressors can be used in many different professions.

Where is an oil-free compressor used?

The compressors are being used in e.g., the production of many different sensitive products such as food, beverage and medical products, where oil residues can compromise their quality or render them useless.

An oil-free compressor can also be the best solution for other compressed air tasks in critical environments, such as dental clinics and laboratories.

Oil-free compressor at the dentist

When should you choose an oil-free compressor?

Oil-free compressors in the pharmaceutical industry

An oil-free compressor should be chosen if the company or legislation has specific requirements for the quality of the compressed air, as oil residues could damage the products or potentially make people ill.

This does not mean that you should only choose an oil-free compressor if there are air quality requirements. There are many other reasons why an oil-free piston compressor or screw compressor is the optimal solution for you. 

An oil-free compressor’s benefits

Oil-free compressors have a wide range of advantages, making them suitable for many different tasks in critical productions, where low air quality can damage the production itself. Get an overview of some of the advantages in below table.

Advantage Description
Avoid oil residues In an oil-free compressor, you avoid the risk of oil residues in your compressed air system or equipment.
Eliminate risk of equipment contamination By choosing an oil-free compressor, you eliminate the risk of contamination of your equipment. This will help reduce the cost of repairing or replacing your equipment.
Reduced maintenance costs An oil-free compressor has lower maintenance costs as there is no need for oil condensate treatment. In addition there are no costs related to filter changes.
No filter changes An oil-free compressor does not need filters to purify the compressed air of oil residues. Therefore, you completely avoid having to change the filter on the compressor.
Reduced oil consumption With an oil-free compressor, your oil consumption is reduced to nothing. There are several benefits to this, including a reduce in maintenance cost.
Better environmental impact The use of oil-free compressed air reduces the company’s negative environmental impact compared to an oil-injected compressor.
Different types of oil-free compressor There are many different oil-free compressors. Both piston compressor and screw compressor can be oil-free, so depending on what other requirements you have for the compressed air, there is always a model for you.
Long operational life An oil-free compressor has a very long operational life. Oil-free compressors are reliable compressors that will help you with your compressed air tasks for many running hours.

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