How to choose a screw compressor?

Screw compressors are trustworthy and reliable machines that can operate a wide range of industrial compressed air tasks. But before you buy one, there are a few things to consider. 

Does a screw compressor suit my needs?

A screw compressor is the right choice if you have a high, continuous need for compressed air. This is often the case for large auto repair workshops and all types of industries.

Screw compressors are available in many sizes and installations, and it is always possible to find one that fits your needs.


How to choose the right screw compressor?

To find the optimal solution that matches your needs, you should always consider the four basic elements that will ensure that the compressor is neither undersized nor oversized.

It is important to know the working pressure of your air equipment and the operating cycle in order to be able to choose the right solution. 

Another important parameter when choosing a compressor is whether there is need for a steady or variable air flow. This is also called fixed or variable speed. 

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Fixed or variable speed?

When choosing a screw compressor, a choice must be made between a fixed or variable speed version. This depends on how the compressed air is consumed in relation to the work shifts and the degree of use, also called the operating cycle.

Overall, a fixed-speed compressor should be selected if the compressor is to run with a constant, steady supply of compressed air in an on/off cycle.

If, on the other hand, the need varies, due to varying production, downtime or other stops, a variable speed compressor will often be the optimal choice.

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Oil-injected or oil-free compressor?

In an oil-injected screw compressor, the compressed air is cooled down with oil, in the compressor chamber between the screws. In an oil-free screw compressor, the air, as the name implies, will be cooled between the compression stages without the use of oil.

If you have specific requirement in air quality, as your production or processes require clean air, an oil-free compressor should always be used. This is often the case for e.g. food, pharmaceutical and electronics industries, among others.


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