Product launch: Silent piston compressors

Our new range of silent piston compressors are here!

After a long wait, we can now finally present our new Super-Silent range of silent piston compressors. 

The Super-Silent range will supply you with lots of compressed air without creating noise nuisance, as the piston compressors have an exceptionally low noise level - as low as 65 dB(A)!


Reno Super-Silent piston compressors

Reno Super-Silent basemounted

Reno Super-Silent piston compressors

Reno Super-Silent tankmounted

Reno Super-Silent piston compressors with dryer

Reno Super-Silent tankmounted with dryer

The new product range is particularly suitable for companies without a separate compressor room, as the compressors can be installed right next to the place of use without creating major noise nuisance.

The range has a lot of other advantages that you will enjoy, such as optimized air flow and a very compact design.

For more information about the new range, see here: The Super-Silent range

Reno Super-Silent piston compressors