Oil/water separator

OWS: Performance that changes the game

Reno has launched a new series of oil/water separators, developed to make the separation process easy and effective, while saving costs and protecting the environment. 

Better, faster, cleaner

With the new OWS 25-5300 oil/water separator, we are making it easy and effective with the innovative two-stage filtration technology. 

Depending on your needs you can choose between two types of cartridges:

· Activated carbon filters that removes the oil that may be left in the condensate or after the first step of the separation proces.
· Filtration with organoclay that can be applied in case of heavier emulsions.

The filters are replaced as needed thanks to OWS 25-5300's user-friendly cartridges that makes it easy, fast and trouble-free to service oil/water separator. The two-stage treatment that utilises polypropylene and activated carbon or organoclay, results in much cleaner wastewater that complies with the strictest environmental standards.  

Trouble-free maintenance that provides a long service interval of 4000 hours

Stable and reliable performance with two-stage filtration

Quick filter replacement indicator

Trouble-free treatment of condensate

OWS 25-5300 provides you with a total solution for treatement of condensate that not just makes the separation process of water and oil more effective and easier, it also reduces maintenance costs. Most importantly, it ensures that your wastewater lives up to even the strictest purity standards. 

A big step forward

OWS 25-5300 is the preferred choice for anyone that uses compressed air system who will only accept the most reliable and efficient solution on the market. In the first step of the two-stage filtration system the condensate flows through a polypropylene filter that separates the oil in two stages:


1. First when the condensate passes through it, and then when it fills the underlying chamber, which traps the oil that rises to the top. 

2. In the next step the condensate flows through another chamber, where either the activated carbon or organoclay filters out any remaining oil particles in the condensate.

What you get at the outlet is condensate with less than 10 ppm oil. The presence of oil can be as low as 5 ppm depending on your setup. 

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